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Welcome to the New Year!

Yea… We know we are a little late, but better late than never! Brikmoda has been loving and enjoying time off but just as Carrie Bradshaw said, “I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” With this in mind, we are back to work because we want to fill our closet with all the new trends of 2016. “Mo money mo problems!” But really, we just like to shop, especially when it’s a New Year to start fresh.

January for us is still a little cold- well it’s really freezing out here in Seattle who are we kidding, we are California natives. We went through our wardrobe and figured, why not enliven things a bit and show off some of our noteworthy looks we are drooling over to carry on into this 2016.


Photo: Pinterest

 Oversized outerwear is comfortable and chic- an effortless trend that has a big statement behind it. Nothing is better than staying warm with a large soft jacket or coat. Greg jacket paired with simple pieces such as tights, a black dress and booties makes us fall in love with this coat style even more.


Photo: Tumblr

Speaking of oversized outerwear, a long neutral coat is to die for this season. The way nude or tan tones pair with dark or light palettes makes a neutral coat universal. You can rock a neutral tone every day of the week with basically any color. The way this emerald jumpsuit naturally flows with the coat gives it two thumbs up. Noted… We should all have an oversized coat in our closet!


Photo: Pinterest

The next trend can be a bit daring, just a tiny bit- why not give it a try! The animal print coat, faux of course, is a fun way to wear outerwear. A perfect fit for a cheetah are black pieces like in the photo above. A beanie can also be added to make your look more cozy and trendy for cold weather. The bold bag color is another well played match for this coat style.


Photo: Who What Wear

Enough about outerwear! Let’s get a little more girly. Tea style pleated skirts are effortless and feminine. You can create an infinite amount of outfits with just one skirt. Edge it up a bit with a leather jacket or keep it chic and casual with a denim jacket, it goes both ways. Even when it comes down to the shoes, this skirt style can be worn with booties or velvet heels and still gives off a fashion forward vibe. Give us pleated skirts! More please!


Photo: Kendall Jenner

And now for some color theory… Everything about the monochromatic look just made us fall even more in love with it thanks to Kendall Jenner. From the wide legged pants, the bodysuit down to the heels, this is what fifty shades of grey means in the style world. This look is chic and sophisticated in yet you can make it your own by turning it into day or night attire. Rock it to work or wear it out for your Cosmopolitan.

After all is said and done, where’s our Cosmo? By now you are most likely in love with our noteworthy looks, it’s okay to admit you’re a shopaholic!

More to come…

xx Brikmoda

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