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My Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a whirlwind of emotions from great, good to bad. It’s scary and fun all at the same time. Things you never knew your body was capable of doing really shows how amazing this experience is. A little life is counting on me to be her beck and call, to show her the world and even more.

With weeks left in my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t of been able to do all of this without my soulmate. Zach has been my rock… Since we have met he has always exceeded my expectations on what a partner and best friend is. He always puts others first and now that he is bringing a baby girl into the world I see that he has even more amazing qualities as a person and as becoming a father. There isn’t anyone in this universe like him and the fact that he is my better half in this experience makes me the luckiest soon to me mom there is.

We unexpectedly lost Zach’s mom LeAnn in July and her biggest wish in the entire world was to become a grandma. This loss had to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever witnessed, especially seeing Zach hurt so much. I know she will be looking after the baby and now our little girl has a guardian angel. We told LeAnn at just 6 weeks that we were pregnant- click link below for video.

In Memory of LeAnn Cuddeback

LeAnn had the biggest heart and a gentle soul, her laugh filled every room. Her and I got to share many memories together that I am thankful for and I smile when knowing I can share all of them with my daughter. Now our little girl will always have her grandma with her and in her name Kyler LeAnn.

I was strong during that time of saying goodbye to a loved one and it made me realize that life is precious. Zach and I are responsible for a life which is scary and surreal all at the same time. Being able to look down at my growing belly shows that this is a love I never knew existed.


The actual pregnancy symptoms still have yet to show up besides my bump and today I am 34 weeks. No morning sickness or sickness in general, no swelling or heart burn, I am getting by with a breeze except for a little back aches here and there. Although I started to get lazy when it comes to workouts, I am still active day to day especially when working as a stylist on set to creating environments for photo shoots in studio.

Work life is busier than ever with freelance clients that are helping my business grow from fashion, marketing to interior decorating. I am also in the process of launching The Brikmoda House next year, stay tuned for some amazing things bound to happen.

As for Brikmoda, I am revamping the focus on not only fashion as it has always been but now incorporating mom life, pregnancy and other relevant topics to my new lifestyle. I am excited for this new journey and I can’t wait to share with all of you.


Gearing back towards pregnancy… My life is about to change in so many ways that I never thought was possible and it is all for the better. For my little Kyler, this world is full of unexpected things- I will be here for you through it all. People will be mean, you’ll experience highs and lows but overall do not let anyone ever tell you not to be you. Being you will be your best quality so open your heart. Your dad showed me what it is like to love with my whole heart and we will do the same for you. Love Mommy.

Photography by Lauren Taylor Hashima

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