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January 30th 2017

(Kyler Day 1)

On January 30th 2017 7:10am my life changed for the better. Bringing a life into this world is the most rewarding feeling. Kyler LeAnn Cuddeback became my whole world and I wouldn’t change anything about my birth experience.

So here it goes…

Sunday January 29th, I woke up with contractions. I had the easiest and best pregnancy with no symptoms or much aches and pain but when I felt what a contraction was, at that point all I wanted was my baby girl to hurry. My husband Zach called our doctor and explained what was going on. I timed my contractions and headed to triage at First Hill Swedish in Seattle. It was about 12:30pm and when I got there my contractions slowed down, surprise, surprise!

A little back story… My mom was here waiting for her first grandchild to be born and she decided to go to church that Sunday morning. She prayed for Kyler to come soon, mind you I was now a week and a day late and little did we know what was about to happen- God works magic!

After being sent home with a shot of morphine, I was able to sleep on and off but the contractions were getting worse. My mom made me walk laps around the kitchen and soon enough the pain was to the point where I could barely walk- back to Seattle!

Finally, at 8:30pm Zach and I arrive at Swedish and sure enough the nurse we ended up having for the birth held the elevator door for us when we were heading to triage again. We saw her 30 minutes later when she took us to our birthing room.

Getting an epidural was the best decision of my life! I was beyond scared of the entire process and I dug my nails into Zach’s arms for no reason because the epidural was not bad at all. The epidural was my new best friend! I kept looking at Zach and thinking to myself do not move while the anestithiologist pricked my back while I was having a contraction- your body as a woman is seriously amazing with what you have to go through! My doctor came to check on me after relaxing for about an hour and right as she says “If your water doesn’t break we will…” my water then broke- how is there that much fluid in your body!?

My mom arrived at our birthing room around 12:00am, her and Zach slept on and off through the night. I slept through my entire labor only waking up twice to be checked on the progression of dilating. Side note, my nurse Melissa was a rockstar! She was caring, genuine, real, no bull shit and she told us she was 50 but looked 25 and has a daughter named Stella- Stella your mom is RAD, I mean she delivers babies for a living! 5:45am my second wakeup call by our nurse and she looks at me and says “Let’s start pushing!” The feeling that went through my mind was is this happening right now, holy shit!? I’m going to have Kyler in my arms? We are going to be a family of three? I looked and Zach and smiled and couldn’t help but think he’s going to be the most amazing dad so let’s do this! At this point my entire lower body was numb…

Pushing for over an hour I was exhausted and I kept thinking why isn’t she out yet? I kept taking deep breathes and gained all the strength in my body and kept pushing like my head was going to explode in intervals- lamaze class breathing techniques DO NOT WORK, don’t waste your time! Between pushes Zach kept giving me water and rubbing my arm and head. At one point, he ran out the door to get more water to make sure I wouldn’t run out because the pushing made my mouth and throat dry. It was crazy to think none of what I was doing to get this baby out of me hurt, it just felt like tons of pressure in my lower area, tons and tons of pressure. With more intense pushing and with a little help from my doctor, Kyler was here, just like that, my baby girl was finally here with a full head of hair at 8 pounds 13 ounces, was this a dream?

Since I crowned for a little longer than usual Melissa and an assistant nurse took Kyler to make sure everything was 100%. A few minutes later they brought her to me and she had now stopped crying and just embraced our skin to skin moment, she knew I was her mommy. Zach sitting right next to us we both just stared at this little human being, she was perfect, she was everything. My emotions were heightened to the best of feelings. In that moment, nothing else mattered besides my husband and most importantly my daughter- my life was complete.

I realized I didn’t know what life was fully before Kyler was born, I didn’t know you could express such a love for another human being. She is the light of my life, the love of my life and my whole universe. She is happy, loving and already has a personality people recognize when they meet her. For such a little soul, she already knows how to fill the room with warmth and happiness, this is a new kind of love that I am so thankful to have.

(Kyler today 3 months old)

I had the best experience with giving birth but couldn’t have done it without my husband. Thank you Zach for giving your heart and everything you have to our little family. Kyler loves her daddy and we are both blessed to be experiencing life with you!

To be continued…

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